Bihar Board Class 12th English Grammar Idioms and Phrases Important Questions

1. A jigsaw puzzle – Terrorism is a jigsaw puzzle; it cannot be full explained.

2 At any rate – I have to come back to Patna today at any rate

3. At sixes and sevens – My books are always at sixes and sevens

4. At bay – You have to keep this evil at bay.

5. At the expense of – I cannot buy a new car at the expense of my children’s studies.

6. Apple of discord – Kashmir is an apple of discord between India and Pakistan.

7. At daggers drawn – The two friends were at daggers drawn after a minor quarrel.

8. By any chance – He is not going to pass this test by any chance.

9. Be suited to – This is hardly suited to my programme.

10. Bear upon – Your extravagance will bear upon the studies of your children.

11. Bone of contention – Kashmir is to bone of contention between India and Pakistan.

12. Blow hot and cold – Politician master the art of blowing hot and cold in public

13. By hook or crook – He decided to win this match by hook or crook.

14. Bed of roses – Life is not a bed of roses.

15. Be at the wheels – His wife was at the wheels when this accident took place.

16. Between the lines – You will have to read between the lines to understand the purpose of his speech.

17. Bad blood’ – There is already bad blood between the neighbours.

18. Blood upon one’s hands – Macbeth had the blood of King Duncan upon his hands.

19. Black sheep – He is regarded as the black sheep of the family.

20. Cut one short – As I was in the middle of my arguments my teacher cut me short.

21. Catch a Tartar – In this young minister the C.M. caught a Tartar.

22. Cling to – He clung to his version despite opposition from all.

23. Chips of the same block – The smuggler and the contractor are the chips of the same block.

24. Hang, on – The fortune of farmers hangs on the Land Acquisition Bill.

25. Have to do with – I have nothing to do with these lapses.

26. Hard and fast – Rules for eating and drinking in this family are hard and fast.

27. In vain – He tried to stop him; but it was in vain.

28. In black and white – Only shouting will not do; you will have to give this in black and white.

29. In tune with – His action was quite in tune with what he had announced.

30. In cold blood – The robbers shot the landlord in cold blood.

31. Keep one’s fingers crossed – I am hopeful for a new house; but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

32. Look down upon – Don’t look down upon the poor.

33. Leaps and bounds – This family is making progress by leaps and bounds.

34. Make up one’s mind – He has not as yet made up his mind about his career.

35. Music to ears – The announcement of rise in D.A. has been music to the ears of the employees.

36. Move heaven and earth – The child moved heaven and earth for a new toy.

37. Out of tune – The older people are out of tune with the younger generation.

38. Once in a blue moon – I see new movies one in a blue moon.

39. Pull someone round – Ramesh pulled Suman round over his caustic remarks.

40. Put up a brave fight – She put up a brave fight against cancer.

41. Point of view – Explain your point of view on nuclear energy.

42. Part with – They had to part with a number of household goods.

43. Place upon – The office placed upon him many new responsibilities.

44. Pandora’s box – The creation of a new state opens a Pandora’s box.

45. Settle down – Now that you have child you must settle down to a peaceful life.

46. Step out – Because of the rain waters around the flat he could not step out.

47. Switch over – In course of his speech, he switched over to English.

48. Stand up for – I cannot stand up for such nonsense.

49. Snake in the grass – Beware of people who are full of promises-they are snakes in the grass.

50. Try out – You can try out this new medicine for cough.

51. Ward off – You can ward off many diseases by keeping your surroundings clean.

52. Writing on the wall – The leaders failed to see the writing on the wall; and now they are helpless over terrorist attacks!

53. White elephant – The new generator is merely a white elephant.

Bihar Board Class 12th English Important Questions

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