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Bihar Board Class 9 English Event Description Write Up

Event – 1
You visited the world-famous Taj Mahal of Agra last year. Write a paragraph in not more than 80 words describing your visit.
A visit to a historical place is always educative. Last year I went to Agra. It has many buildings of historical interest. The most famous is the Taj Mahal. I was greatly impressed to see it. The white marble looks like silver. The four miners add to its glory. The green lawns also add to its beauty. It looks like a dream seeing it in the moon-lit night. I can’t forget my visit to Taj Mahal.

Event – 2
You visited your city railway station one day to see your uncle off. Write a paragraph on this scene.
The scene at a railway platform is always enjoyable in our country. It presents a picture of mini India. Last fortnight I went to the city railway station to see my uncle off. The platform was overcrowded. Passengers of many states like Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Assam etc, were there. There were many stalls on the platform. Coolies in red dress were also there. Passengers were taking tea. They were waiting for the train. Soon the train came. My uncle got a seat and the train started. I returned home.

Event – 3
Write a paragraph on ‘An Ideal Teacher’ in about 80 words.
The ideal persons are rarely found in life. It is more so in the field of education. An ideal teacher is one who loves to learn and to teach. His mission in life is teaching. He sacrifices everything for education. He always offers his services to the society and the nation the gives a lotus, without taking anything in return. He has no interest in money or power. His only aim in life is to teach his students to be good persons. An ideal teacher is above worldly pleasures. he serves the people every time. I have great respect for my teacher.

Event – 4
If TV is viewed for a long time, it has bad effects. Write a paragraph on this not more than 80 words.
TV has become an essential part of every house. It is the cheapest source of entertainment. Children find it the most popular. But it has bad effects also. Seeing it for long hours harms the eyesight. The students neglect their studies. Their studies suffer. Many programmes are not in good taste. The youth forget their own age-old culture. They adopt the wrong paths of life. Their lives are spoiled. So, it should be watched properly.

Event – 5
You visited a holy place last week. Write a paragraph in not more than 80 words describing your visit.
Last week I went to a holy place. It is a place for all religions. It is a simple samadhi of an old saint. He lived in the city about eight hundred years back and died here. People of all faiths and religion visit the samadhi every year on 14th January. They offer their prayers and chadai on the samadhi. I also offered my prayers. I felt a strange kind of mental peace. I saw boys and girls, men and women praying before this great soul.

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