Bihar Board Class 12 English Precis Writing

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Bihar Board Class 12 English Precis Writing

1. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [7 Marks]
The problem that confronts most of us is whether the individual is merely the instrument of society or the aid of society. Are you and I as individuals to be used, directed, educated, controlled, shaped as a certain pattern by society and government or does society, the state, exist for the individual? Is the individual the end of society or is he merely a puppet to be taught, exploited, butchered as an instrument of war? That is the problem of the world-whether the individual is a mere instrument of society, a plaything of influences to be moulded or whether society exists for the individual.

How are you going to find this out? It is a serious problem, is it not? If the individual is merely an instrument of society, then society is much more important than the individual. If that is true, then we must give up individuality and work for society, our whole educational system must be entirely revolutionized and the individual turned into an instrument to be used and destroyed. But if society exists for the individual, then the function of society is not to make him conform to any pattern but to give him the feel, the urge of freedom. So, we have to find out which is false. [ 213 words ]

Title: The Individual and the Society

Most of us are confused about the role and function of the individual and the society, whether the individual is instrument or the aid of the society and government. Whether the individual is a mere instrument of society or society exists for the individual is a universal problem. If society is more important then individuality can’t exist, but if society exists for the individual then it must give him the feeling of freedom. [ 72 words ]

2. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [7 Marks]
Why is society crumbling, as it surely is? One of the fundamental reasons is that the individual, you, has ceased to be creative. It will explain what I mean. You and I have become imitative; we are copying outwardly and inwardly. Outwardly, when learning techniques, when communicating with each other on the verbal level, naturally there must be some imitation, copy. I copy words. To become an engineer I must leam the technique, the use the technique to build a bridge. There must be a certain amount of imitation, copying in outward technique, but when there is inward psychological imitation, surely we cause to be creative. Our education, our social structure, our so-called religious life, are all based on imitation, that is, I fit into a particular social or religious formula. I have ceased to be a real individual.

Title: Individuals and Society Are interrelated

The fundamental reason of the society being broken is loss of its creativeness. We have become imitative, outwardly while learning and communicating a technique. An engineer learns the technique and use it building a bridge. Being imitative inwardly we cease to be creative and a real citizen.

3. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [7Marks]
All the great religious teachers of mankind have assisted on this: that man ought not to live for themselves alone. We ought .not, they have said, to spend all our time and energy in getting just what we want for ourselves, power and money and importance in die world, we ought to serve something greater than ourselves, whether a god or a cause or our fellowmen. It is by serving this something greater than men will forget themselves and so achieve happiness. This or something like it is what the great religions have taught, and it is one of the most important of the things that civilization means. It is also the hardest to learn and practise. In fact, most people have found if much too hard.

Title: Teaching of great religions

All the great religious teachers of mankind insisted to serve something greater than to spend our time and energy on our wants. Though it is hardest to learn and which great religions have taught to achieve happiness and what civilization means. [42words]

4. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [7Marks]
Educated women have to play the role of teachers. An educated lady can serve the country in the humble capacity of a teacher. The education of children depends mainly upon women. They can teach as well as amuse. They can do research work in art, literature, philosophy and science. We are fortunate in having very intelligent girls *who are anxious to have training in foreign countries. They are being given a scholarship by the Government of India and many of them have proceeded to western countries and have made their mark as educationists. Women can also render social service whenever there is flood, famine, earthquake or some natural calamity. It is also during the war that they can be of utmost utility to their nation. In free India ladies are being given training in first aid, use of gun and rifles and some of them are getting training as drivers and pilots. The defence of the country is a matter of great importance to all arid women should share the burden with men. [ 172 words ]

Title: The Role of Educated Women

Educated women serve the nation in many ways, by educating children, undertaking research work in art, literature, philosophy, science and higher education in foreign countries. They can render social services in natural calamities like flood, famine and earthquake. During the war their utmost contribution to the nation is the job of first aid, nursing, pilot and many other activities. [ 58 words ]

5. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [7 Marks]
Human life consists of a succession of small events, each of which is comparatively unimportant and yet the happiness and success of every man; depends upon the manner in which these small events are dealt with. Character is built upon little things—little things well and honourably transacted. The ‘success of a man in business depends upon the attention to little things. The comfort of a household is the result of small things well-arranged. Good government can only be accomplished in the same way by well-regulated provisions for the doing of little things. Accumulation of knowledge and experience of the most valuable kind is the result of little bits of knowledge and experience carefully treasured up. Those who learn nothing or accumulate nothing in life are set down as failures because they have neglected little things. They may themselves consider | that the world has gone against them but, in fact, they have been their own enemies. [ 156 words ]

Title: Way of Success

Though small-events in human life are unimportant, still the happiness and ( success of every man and the good government depends on the manners of its dealings. Those who remain without accumulation of knowledge and experience, in life are set-down as failures because of neglecting little-things. They become ’ disillusioned, but really they have been their own enemies. – [55 words]

6. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [7Marks]
I Today our society abounds with persons, who are mad after their own interest. In Sarvodaya, however, one has to be solicitous of other’s interest. I Man’s nature will have to be changed. Values of life will have to be re-valued. For, if the individual does not change even if exploitation is put out once, it will reappear afterwards. This is a high ideal no doubt, but is capable of being attained. That can be done by making a beginning somewhere. Bhoodan is the process whereby we can reach this goal. The land problem is a problem that affects crores of people. Hence, the Bhoodan movement makes a direct appeal to the masses and would inevitably cast its influence on their approach and way to life. [ 124 words ]

Title: Sarvodaya and Bhoodan

Persons and after their own interest become desirous of other’s interest in “Sarvodaya”. High-ideals will appear in revalue of life. Bhoodan solves land-problem by making direct appeal to the masses which would inevitably casts its influence on their way to life. [ 41 words ]

7. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [TMarks]
Kiran was a universal favourite with her family and neighbours, so that when she fall seriously ill they were all anxious. The wise villagers thought it shameless for the husband to make so much fuss about a mere wife and even to suggest a change of air and asked if shared supposed that no woman had, ever been ill before or whether he had found out that the folk of the place to l which he meant to take her were immortal. Did he imagine that the write to fate did not mn there ? But Sharat and his mother turned a deaf ear to them thinking that the life of .their darling was of greater importance than the united wisdom of a village. So Sharat went to Chander Nagar, and Kiran recovered though she was still very weak. There was a pinch look on her face which filled the beholders with pity, and made their heart tremble, as they thought how narrowly she had escaped death. [ 180 words ]

Title: Kiran’s Illness

Popular Kiran’s serious illness grieved her relations and neighbours. Her husband Sharat, desired her climatic change but the so-called wise villagers opposed the idea as foolish and shameless, but to her husband and mother-in¬law, her life was dearer than villager’s opinion. Therefore, they took her to Chander Nagar where she recovered, although still look weak. She had a narrow escape from death. [60 words ]

8. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [7 Marks]
If today I have a quarrel with another man, I do not get beaten merely because I am physically weaker and he can knock me down. I go to law, and the law will decide as fairly as it can between the two of us. Thus, in disputes between man and man, right has taken the place of might. Moreover, the law protects me from robbery and violence. Nobody may come and break into my house, steal my goods, or run off with my children. Of course, there are burglars, but they are very rare, and the laws punishes them whenever it catches them. It difficult for us to realise how mueh this safety means. Without safety those high activities of manking which make up civilization could not go on. The inventor could not invent, the scientist find out or the artist make beautiful things. [ 146 words ]

Title: The law of the land

In case of a quarrel, law protects physically weaker person, by deciding faily. Nobody can dare to steal my goods or run-off with my children. Civilization made up of higher activities of mankind is meaningless without safety. The inventors could not invent, the scientist find out or the artist make beautiful things. [ 50 words ]

9. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [7 Marks]
The very abundance of books, an increasing and confusing abundance in our days, makes it important to know how to choose’promptly and judiciously among them if one is not to spend as much time in the mere choice as in the perusal of the books that are selected. On this subject the first advice I venture to submit is to secure and to read only the best books. There are plenty of them, far more than you will ever find time to read. And when a wide range of excellent works is so readily obtainable, it is surely unfortunate to waste valuable minutes on any others. You may ask what I mean by best books. Passing by for the moment those publications which in each of the great languages of the world we call classics, I mean by the best books those from which you receive most, and can carry away most in the form of either knowledge or stimulation. [ 160 words ]

Title: Choice of Books

Innumerable books are published now-a-days. Naturally, there is no time to read even the best ones which are available in large numbers, One should, therefore, read only the best books and not to spend much time in perusal of the books. Besides classic best books are those that give maximum of wisdom and inspiration. [ 54 words ]

Title: Ingratitude

Jumman had an old aunt. She had some property. She gave it to Jumman on assurance that he would maintain her. Before the registration he was hospitable to her but after registration he requested her. His wife’s treatment was worse. [ 40 words ]

11. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [7 Marks]

The cinema is an outstanding wonder of this modem age. Apart from the great pleasure it gives us, it is a means of entertainment. It is in many ways, an education in itself, and no regular patron of the cinema can ever be called illiterate. The cinema is also a very valuable asset to educationists in imparting knowledge. The fdm companies, from time to time, produce historical pictures, and-these pictures are of great assistance to the teacher of history. A couple of hours spent in the company of historical personages dressed in the proper dress of the period can teach us far more than we can learn from a whole week’s browsing in a history textbook. Even some of Shakespeare’s dramas and comedies have been filmed and we thereby gain a much better idea of the play than would be possible from a casual reading of it. [ 146 words ]

Title: Importance of Cinema

The cinema is a great wonder of this age. It gives us both pleasure and instruction. History teachers can profit by. Historical films in teaching the subject with clarity and impression, Shakespeare’s plays are easier to enjoy and understand in films than in textbooks. [ 44 words ]

12. Make a precis ofthe following passage giving a suitable title. [7Marks]
Newton had a little pet dog, name Diamond. One day, when he was fifty years old, he went out of his room, leaving his little dog asleep before the fire. For twenty years he had been hard at work, studying a most difficult and important subject. On the table lay a heap of papers on which he had written down all that he had found out during those twenty years. When his master was gone, little Diamond got up, jumped up on the table, and overturned the lighted candle. The papers at once caught fire. Just when the papers had been completely burnt, Newton opened the door of the room. He saw that the fruits of his twenty years labours had been turned into a heap of ashes. There stood Diamond, the cause of this mischief. Almost any other man would have killed the dog then and there. But Newton patted him on the head with kindness, although his heart was full of grief. [ 162 words ]

Title: Newton And His Pet

Newton left his room leaving his pet dog, Diamond, asleep who awoke and overturned the lighted candle o tjieapers, the fruits of his twenty years’ labour, and burnt them to ashes soon. Newton returned. Seeing this occurence, pitying the poor creature despite his aggrieved heart, he patted him on the head. [52 words]

13. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [7 Marks]
Lamartine, the French poet and statesman, was never rich. He had a great desire to posses a carriage of his own, and for this purpose he saved money, which he put by in a box. He had saved about a thousand francs when one day a humble neighbour, a poor widow woman with several children came into his room, threw herself at his knees, and told him with tears that she had no bread to eat, that her furniture had been seized, and that she and her children had been turned out into the streL ‘How much do you require ?’ said Lamartine, going quickly to his box. ‘A thousand francs’, replied the poor woman. ‘Come, here they are’, said the generous poet, and he; emptied his savings into her hands. The next day a friend asked him what he would do about his carriage. ‘Oh, my friend,’ said he, ‘I shall continue to go on foot; it is better for my health.’ [ 162 words ]

Title: Lamartine And the Poor Widow

Lamartine; the French poet and statesman, was a poor man ? He saved a thousand francs to purchase a carriage. But a poor widow came to him with her children and prayed for a thousand francs, as her children were starving. He gave it to her and said that walking was better for his health. [ 55 words ]

14. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [7 Marks]
Nations, like individuals, derive support and strength from the feeling that they belong to an illustrious race, that they are the heirs of their greatness, and ought to be the perpetuators of their glory. It is of momentous importance that a nation should have a great past to look back upon. It studies the life of the present elevates and upholds it, and lightens and lifts it up, by the memory of the great deeds, the noble sufferings, and the valorous achievements of the men of old. The life of nations, as of men, is a great treasury of experience, which, wisely used, issues in social progress and improvement; or, misused, issues in dreams, delusions, and failure. Like men, nations are purified and strengthened by trials. Some of the most glorious chapters in their character has been developed. Love of liberty and patriotic feeling may have done much; but trial and suffering nobly borne have done more than all. [ 174 words ]

Title: The Life of Nations

Nations, like individuals, get strength from the feeling that they belong to a great race. Nations must have a great past to look back upon and a promising future to look forward to. Nations have many experiences, and, if wisely used, they contribute to the progress of nations. Love of liberty and patriotic feeling are great things, but sufferings nobly borne are much greater things. [ 65 words ]

15. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [7 Marks]
Education, taken in its most extensive sense, is properly that which makes the man. One method of education, therefore, would only produce one kind of man, but the great excellence of human nature consists in the variety of which it is capable. Then instead of endeavouring, by uniform and fixed systems of educatioin, to keep mankind always the same. Let us give free scope to every thing which may bid fair for introducing more variety among us. The various character of the Athenians was certain by preferable to the uniform character of the spartans or to any uniform national character whatever. Uniformity is the characteristics of the brute creation. Among them every species of bird builds its nest with the same materials and in same form the genius and disposition of one individual is that of all and it is only the education which men give them that raises any.of them much above others. [ 155 words ]

Title: Education Systems

Education in wider-sense is, which makes the man properly. Owing to varieties in human-nature, one method of education won’t serve the real purpose. Instead of uniform and fixed-system, free-scope of varieties in education be introduced. Athenians were superior to Spartans in this respect Uniformity creates irrationality. Proper education raises them much above others. [ 53 words ]

16. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. ‘ [7 Marks]
The hand spinning & weaving industries are extremely important in balancing our village economy. Therefore Mahatma Gandhi carried on a life long crusade for the encouragement & growth of these industries. For many years all leaders and working members of the Indian National Congress have worn clothes prepared from cloth woven cm the handloom from hand-spun yam. The all India spinners association, started under Gandhiji’s inspiration, has done excellent work in popularising “Khaddar” or hand-woven cloth made from hand-spun yam. It has also helped the handloom worker by supplying him with materials & with advice for the improvement of the quality of his product More than a crore & a half yards of khaddar is produced in India every year. This cloth has been a great boon to many people during the recent shortage of mill made cloth. [ 138 Words ]

Title: Gandhiji and Khadi

Realising the importance of hand-spinning and weaving industries in balancing village economy. Gandhiji continued encouraging their growth. Congress members have worn hand-woven “Khaddar” for many year. The spinner’s Association under Gandhiji’s inspiration excellently worked for j popularising hand-woven khaddar. Crores yards of khaddar annualy fulfilled shortage of mill cloth.. [48 Words ] .

17. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [7Marks]
The condition under which democracy can flourish are difficult to define; but one thing is clear that democracy is always a slow growth, where as dictators i may rise to power and inaugurate a new regime with dramatic suddeness and | success under suitable conditions. One great new force has appeared in the world since the great war, the art of modem propoganda. It is invaluable to the dictator who can inculcate his cread day by day through the press, the cinema, the radio, ( to the whole body of the people and can suppress all counter propoganda. It is a terrible danger to democracy, since it tends to destroy the sound and commonsence ‘ judgement of the people, which depends an constant access to the facts and on , honest public discussion on those facts. [ 130 Words ]

Title: Democracy and dictatorship

Democracy is always a slow growth and difficult to define its prosperity, whereas dictator with dramatic suddenness may rise to power. The great war has provided the dictator to impress-upon his views through the media and destroy the sound judgement of the jieople. [43 Words]

18. Make a precis ofthe following passage giving a suitable title. [7 Marks]
Health is the most valuable of all earthly possessions. Without it all the rest are worth nothing. To enjoy good health we should refrain from excess eating. We should eat moderately and not devour whatever we get. When you sit among many for a dinner, do not reach your hand out first of all. A little food is sufficient for us. Sound sleep comes of a light stomach. Such a man rises early in the morning and is at ease with himself. [ 83 words ]

Title: How to Enjoy Good Health

To enjoy good health, we should eat moderately. A man who does not overeat enjoys sound sleep. He thus rises early completely refreshed. [ 23 words ]

19. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [7Marks]
Some people consider that man is becoming the slave of the machine. Certainly machines are playing an ever increasing part in our lives. Let us hope that they will never become more important than the men they were invented to serve. Charlie Chaplin, in his film “Modem Times”, drew attention to this danger. In the film he got ‘a job in a factory that employed mass- production methods. He had to stand by a machine with a spanner in his hand. An endless belt passed in front of him carrying slowly1 and endless line of articles. As each one passed, he tightened one nut on one bolt with his spanner. His work was done with one turn of the wrist repeated thoughout the day. Very soon his mind became affected and the film shows the amusing things which he did as a result of his mental disorder. Although it was very funny, the film had a serious side. It showed that the kind of work which many people do, far from giving them pride and pleasure, is more likely to fit them for the lunatic asylum. We must all hope that means will he found to retain the advantages arising out of mass production, while at the same time giving the worker some of the pride and pleasure of the old craftsmen. [ 221 Words ]

Title: Man And the Machine

Some people think that the machine today is the master of man who invented it for his use. Charlie Chaplin’s film had a man in a factory who stood by a machine with a spanner in his hand and tightened one nut on one bolt with it as the line of articles passed. And that made him a luntic. So, the machine should give pride and pleasure but not mechanical and stoic character. [74 Words]

20. Make a precis ofthefollowing passage giving a suitable title. [7 Marks]
In his ashram one of the boys told him something that he believed, but he later found out that the boy had lied to him. Gandhiji called the school together and solemnly said : ‘Boys, I am sorry to find out that one of you is a liar. As punishment,” I am going to fast today. That may be passed with a smile, but not if you knew the deafly earnestness of Gandhiji and the sheer moral weight of the man. There could not have been a more terrific punishment, for long after any physical pain from physical punishment would have died away there would persist the spiritual pain from lashings of conscience awakened by the sufferings of the man who loved him. In the Ight of Gandhiji’s acting thus, it becomes easy for us to step us from the thought that if one man would take on himself suffering to bring a boy back from a lie to the truth, then if there were one divine enough and holy enough. He might take on His soul the very sin of a whole race to bring us back to good and to God. [ 193 words ]

Title: Gandhiji And His Guilty

A boy in Gandhiji’s ashram lied to him. Gandhiji declared to fast for the day. It shows his earnestness and moral weight to punish the guilty person who feels much spiritual pain. Would there be one divine soul to take on himself the sin of the whole human race to bring us to good and to God ? [57 words ]

21. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [7Marks]
One of the worst earthquakes took place in Bihar in 1934. It occured at fifteen minutes past two and soon large parts of Nepal were in ruins. More than ten thousand men and women were killed, and many houses nobody can say how many fell to the ground. The people of Monghyr in Bihar and Bhatgaon in Nepal suffered most, and there were heavy losses also in Patna, Motihari, Muzaffarpur and Darbhanga in Bihar, and Kathmandhu in Nepal. If one went to these places after the earthquake one would see only heaps of ruins. Many places were flooded with water which rose from six to eight feet. For many days trains could not move and the roads were under water. After the earthquake people from all over India hurried to help Bihar. Our national leaders visited Monghyr, Muzaffarpur and other places and money poured in from all parts of the country. The earth may be cruel but men should be Kind. [162 Words]

Title: Earthquake in Bihar

During disastrous earthquakes in Bihar in 1934, more than ten thousand men and women were killed. There was heavy loss of life and property in Nepal as well. Many places were flooded with water. People and political learders from all over India came to help Bihar. [ 46/162 Words ]

22. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [7Marks]
People will write the life of Gandhiji and they will discuss and criticise him and his theories and activities. But to some of us, he will, remain something apart from theory ‘a radiant and beloved figure’ who ennobled and gave significance to our petty lives and whose passing away has left us with a feeling of emptiness and loneliness. Many pictures rise in my mind of this man, whose eyes were often full of laughter and yet were pools of infinite sadness. But the picture that is dominant and most significant is as I saw him marching, staff in hand, to Dandi on the Salt March in 1930. Here was the pilgrim on his quest of truth, quiet, peaceful, determined and fearless who would continue that quiet pilgrimage, regardless of consequences. [ 129 Words ]

Title : The Personality of Gandhi

People may speak well or ill of Gandhiji, but it is no denying the fact that he has deeply influenced our life. His death has made us lonely. His march, with a staff in hand to Dandi on the Salt Movement in 1930 was most impressive. He was bold and brave. [ 50 Words ]

23. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [Model Paper 2009 (A)] [1 + 2 + 4 = 7 Marks]
The most indubitable respect in which ideas have helped mankind is numbers. There must have been a time when Homo sapiens was a very rare species, subsisting precariously in jungles and caves, terrified of wild beasts, having difficulty in securing nourishment. At this period the biological advantage of his greater intelligence, which was cumulative because it could be handed on from generation to generation, had scarcely begun to overweigh the disadvantages of his long infancy, his lessened agility as compared with monkeys, and his lack of hirsute protection against cold. In those days, the number of men must certainly have been very small. [ 104 Words ]

Title: “Ideas That Helped Mankind”

Number has played important role in developing ideas that helped mankind. Since the number of men had been very small in pre-civilization period, they were forced to seek protection from wild animals and cold. [37/104 Words]

24. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [Model Paper 2009 (A)] [1 + 2 + 4 = 7 Marks]
The Ganges is a sacred river. Several towns are situated on her banks. She has seen many ups and downs. Several battles were also fought on the banks of the Ganga. Many towns were wiped out, and many new ones sprang up. The Ganges is symbol of India’s culture. She is the confluence of many rivers. Similarly our culture is the amalgam of many cultures. It is like the Ganges every changing and yet ever the same. We are proud of our multifacet culture.

Title: “Indian’s Multi-facet culture”

The Ganga is a sacred river in India. She symbolizes the rise and fall of many civilizations, consequent upon numerous battles fought on her bank. Hence, India’s culture is multifacet.

25. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title. [Model Paper 2009 (A)] [1 + 2 + 4=7 Marks]
‘ Every summer many people, girls, and women as well as boys and men, try to swim from England to France or from France to England. The distance at the nearest points is only about twenty miles, but because of the strong tides, the distance at the nearest points is only about twenty miles but because of the strong tides the distance that must be swum is usually more than twice as far. The first man to succeed in swimming the channel was Captain Webb, an Englishmen. This was in August 1875. He landed in Franch 21 hours 45 minutes after entering the water at Dover. Since then there have been many successful swims and the time has been shortened. One French swimmer crossed in 11 hours and five minutes. Many others have been successful. [ 120 Words ]

Title: “Adventure of Swimming”

People both old and young swim from England to France and France to England every Summer. The first successful swimmer was Web an Englishman who took nearly twenty-two hours. However, a Fresh swimmer did it in nearly eleven hours. [ 37/120 Words ]

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