A Marriage Proposal Summary Questions and Answers

Question 1.
Write down a summary of the play A Marriage Proposal.
A Marriage Proposal is a very amusing comedy by Anton Chekhov; the Russian writer. The comedy results from the temperamental weaknesses of the characters who display a total disregard of commonsense.

Choobookov and Lom Lomov are neighbours. One day the latter calls on his neighbour in morning coat and gloves. Choobookov is naturally happy to welcome him. But he wants to know why the young man should be unnecessarily so formal about his dress. Lomov goes on talking pleasantries. But he is quite nervous and goes talking sips of water to regain his composure and strength. In the midst of this mental condition anyhow Lomov manages to inform, Choobookov that he has come to ask for Natalia’s, his daughter’s hand in marriage. Choobokov is delighted. He goes inside to call Natalia. But he does not tell her why Lomov has come.

Natalia enters the drawing room and speaks words of welcome to Lomov. She also expresses her surprise to see that her neighbour has come to see her in such formal dress. In order to be pleasant to Natalia Lomov starts talking about the cordial relations that have prevailed between the two families for a long. And then he inadvertently refers to the OX Meadows which he calls his family property. This is a topic that angers Natalia who has always known that there was formerly some dispute over it but now the Meadows are settled in the name of their family. The debate between them takes an interminable form, making Lomov completely forget the marriage proposal he had come for.

As the debate continues and both try to shout the other down there comes Choobookov who does not need much persuasion from Natalia in joining it. He also asserts his family’s claim to the Ox Meadows and tries to correct Lomov’s approach when Lomov does not relent both indulge in a sort of digging skeletons from the cupboard of their family histories. Finally, Lomov just staggers out of the drawing room.

It is then that Choobookov tells Natalia that Lomov had come with a proposal to marry her. Strangely, this has a hysterical effect on the girl who wants Lomov to be brought back. And when he comes they both forget the purpose of the resumption of the meeting. They now argue over the superiority of their hounds — Lomov says that his Guess is superior to the pug-jawed Leap of Natalia. In the meantime the condition of Lomov takes a worse turn — he almost gasps for breath and appears to have collapsed Natalia wishes to commit suicide. Lomov is revived after a few draughts of water. And then Choobookov, almost with a force, pushes their hands into a union and the marriage proposal is seasoned to be accepted.

Question 2.
Write a short note on the character of Lomov on the basis of his self-revelation in Scene I.
Lomov is a young man, wanting confidence and abilities. No person in his sense would have gone in morning coat and gloves to make a marriage proposal. It is again surprising that in countries where the marriage takes place after courtship he should have thought of speaking to the father instead of to Natalia.

The way he says that he has come to seek Choobookov’s help makes the latter think that the boy needs money. That is, Lomov does not know how to speak plainly and directly At last, Choobookov has to warm him against beating about the bush.

By his own admission, Lomon’s nerves are in terrible condition and he frequently needs draughts of water to steady himself. All this suggests that Lomov has entered the house of Chbobookov in utter thoughtlessness. He should have taken some care of himself before venturing out in this manner. And it is this absolute lack of preparedness that makes Lomov a fool of him. In spite of the encouragement of Choobookov the young man fails to have control of himself and speak of his proposal in a proper way. Lomov turns out into a comic and ridiculous figure because of this lack of self-control.

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