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Panorama English Book Class 10 Solutions Poem 1 God Made The Country

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A. Answer the following questions briefly :

God Made The Country Questions And Answers Bihar Board Question 1.
Do you belong to a village? Which natural scenes and objects there attract you most?
I belong to a village. There are open air and sunlight in my village. There are so many greenfield and groves with shady trees. The birds in the trees produce sweet notes which are more harmonious than the songs played on gramophone. Fresh fruits and vegetables are available there in plenty.

God Made The Country Question And Answer Bihar Board Question 2.
Do you belong to a town? What things cause annoyance to you there?
I belong to a town. Things that cause annoyance to me are the traffic jams on the roads and the heaps of rubbish and garbage that lie in all the lanes and streets which cause health problems.

B. Answer the following questions briefly :

God Made The Country Bihar Board Question 1.
Where do you find health and virtue?
Health and virtue are found in the villages.

God Made The Country Summary In Hindi Bihar Board Question 2.
Where do you find fields and groves?
Fields and groves are found in the villages.

God Made The Country Questions And Answers Class 12 Bihar Board Question 3.
What is the source of light in villages in the evening?
The source of light in the villages in the evening is the moon.

God Made The Country Poem Bihar Board Question 4.
Why is the nightingale mute in a town?
Listening to the gramophone songs the nightingale becomes mute in a town.

C. 1. Long Answer Questions :

God Made The Country In Hindi Bihar Board Question 1.
Why does the poet beiieve that God made the country ?
The country came into existence in a natural, way. No one came to give a shape to the country side. It went on taking shape as the nature planned it to take its shape. So the poet is left with no option but to believe that the countiy is the creation of God.

God Made The Country And Man Made The Town Bihar Board Question 2.
Why does the poet believe that man made the town ?
Man has built high buildings, roads and streets in the town. He built shops, hotels, markets, cinema halls, gramophone, vehicles and carriages etc. So the poet believes that the town has been the creation of man.

God Made The Country And Man Made The Town Meaning Bihar Board Question 3.
Why is life bitter ?
I ife is bitter because man does not lead a simple, laborious and natural life. He does not eat simu’e and home-made food. He does not do physical labour. He believes in a luxurious and comfortable life. In this way he lo’vs his health and fails a prey to different kinds of diseases. As such he fails to enjoy the happiness of life. Ultimately his lift becomes bitter.

God Made The Country Line By Line Explanation Bihar Board Question 4.
What can make ou r life sweet ?
Leading a natural life can only make our life sweet. We must do . physical labour. We must avoid all kinds of luxury and comfort. We should also avoid all kinds of carriages and vehicles. We should form a walking habit. We should not go to hotels and bars. We must eat home-made food.

Bihar Board Class 10 English Book Solution Question 5.
What function do groves perform in a village ?
In the village the farmers and labourers labour hard in the fields in the scorching rays of the sun till noon. So the groves give them shelter, rest and peace under the shades of their trees.

Bihar Board English Book Class 10 Pdf Download Question 6.
The birds are scared of songs. Why ?
The birds are scared of listening to the songs played on gramophone because they confound the more harmonious notes of the birds. The birds gef disturbed hearing the unknown notes of the gramophone songs which are totally unfamiliar to them and so they irritate and scare the birds. .

C. 2. Group Discussion

Question 1.
The villages are no longer beautiful and peaceful. Discuss.
It is said that life in a village is simple, pure and natural. There is nothing mechanical or artificial there. There are large tracts of land open countryside, green fields on all sides, wealth of trees and open air and bright in the sunshine. There is no din and noise. Life is quiet. There is peace.

But villages are no longer beautiful and peaceful. Quarrels and blood-sheds are a common feature of village life. Drinking, smoking, and gambling also go on in one form or the other. Disruptive forces are at large and they end their anger in the villages. The monster of ‘ugra bad’ or extremism has spread its horrible claws in each and every comer of the villages. It simply displays the ugly fact that villagers are living in barbaric age. Extremists hate
negotiations. They cannot sit and talk peacefully. The way to force government to concede their demands. Thus extremists strike at the very roots of democracy. They are anti-people and anti-progress. They attack villagers, they kill people mercilessly.

Thus it is clear that villagers are no longer beautiful and peaceful.

Question 2.
Write a paragraph on the trees that are found in your village.
The Trees
My village has six or seven mango orchards but they had been planted long ago. Bur of all the unplanted trees, the banyan is unique. There are eight banyan trees in my village. They arc unique, not only for the manner of their growth but for the area of shade they provide from the burning sun. Their close relationship with man has evolved over the years to make the banyan a popular meeting place, a focal point of worship and a source of practical materials for commerce.

As the banyan grows, it sends aerial roots down the trunk of the supporting tree. The Indian banyan is one of the world’s largest tropical trees Banyan trees of my village are homes of various birds.

C. 3. Composition

Question 1.
You spent your summer vacation at a village. Write about the things you enjoyed there to a friend.
The school closed for eight weeks’ summer vacation from 23rd of May. I heaved a sigh of relief. I went to my friend’s village and spent two weeks there. I had enjoyed my stay there. I was feeling quite at home.

There was no din and noise. Life is ever quiet and peaceful there. I got fresh air, all the twenty-four hours. Life is simple and free from all restraint of society. I got a lot of pure, unadulterated milk and butter. Vegetables and fruits were also available there. The village is surrounded on all sides by green fields stretching over miles. The scenery on all sides is resplendent and park like. I found the village beaux and belles radiant with health. There were novices and no fashions of the modem civilization. The villagers live nearer to Nature and God.

I liked to roam about the fields and enjoy Nature’s fresh air. There was no smoke and no foul smell. I felt stronger and healthier. I liked the place very much.

Question 2.
Towns are important for the progress of civilization. Discuss.
Before discussing that towns are important for the progress of civilization, we should first know what civilization is.

Civilization is the sum total of the higher activities performed by mankind up to our own age. Safety and order are two necessary facto > for the progress of any civilization.

In town, people are using different machines for their comfort. Here are people who are engaged in inventing machines. Scientists are busy in finding more and more things. They are making machines which are our extra limbs. Here men are restless and energetic to find out something. Now-a-days machines have become tools of civilization. Modem men have better medical facilities, They lead healthier and longer lives than in the past. In town by making more, beautiful things, finding out more and more about the mysterious universe; removing the causes of conflicts and quarrels between nations, discovering new methods of preventing poverty, human beings can make their civilization great and most lasting. These are the ways for the progress of civilization.

D. Word Study

Question 1.
Correct the spelling of the following words:
abound Kontrie sedan pensive idealness    eklips

abound Country Sedan
pensive idleness eclipse

Question 2.
Complete the following sentences with the words given below:

idleness test wanderer threatened
pensive offended confounded chariots

1. He ………….. to beat me.
2. ………….. will not let you rise in life.
3. Did you ………….. the sweet dishes?
4. Like a ………….. I just moved here and there.
5. Having failed in the examination he was in a ………….. mood.
6. His words ………….. me and I could not give a correct reply.
7 ………….. were the vehicles of gods and kings.
8. The teacher was ………….. when Raju went on arguing with him.
1. threatened
2. idleness
3. taste
4. wanderer
5. pensive
6. confounded
7. chariots
8. offended.

D. 2. Word formation:

Question 1.
A number of verbs are made by simply adding-en to them in the end-Ex. threat (n) threaten (v)

haste (n) hasten (v)
light (adj) lighten (v)
mad(n) madden (v)
strength (n) strengthen (v)

Use these verbs in sentences of your own.
Hasten— Artificial heating hastens the growth of plants.
Lighten— His heart lightened when he heard the news of his good result.
Madden— His bad behavior maddened his father.
Strengthen— Morning walking has strengthened the old man.

Question 2.
By using-er, in the end of an adjective, we give it a comparative form Ex.

soft softer
kind kinder
sharp sharper
thin thinner
dark darker
thick thicker

Now make comparative adjectives by adding to the following:

big sweet tasty old out
white black green small late


Comparative Comparative
big — bigger sweet — sweeter
tasty — tastier old — older
out — oute white — whiter
black — blacker green — greener
small — smaller late — latter

D. 3. Word Meaning

Match the following words in column ‘A’ with their meanings given in column ‘B’-

threaten exhaustion
fatigue natural quality
element give threat to destroy
spare frightened
splendour brilliance
scared to abstain from using


threaten give threat to destroy
fatigue exhaustion
element natural quality
spare to abstain from using
splendour brilliance
scared brightened

E. Grammar

On many occasions, we simply connect two sentences by the use of and-
God made the country, and man-made the town.
We went to the market, and we also went to the cinema.

Now join the following sentences with and-
1. Raju wrote letters. He posted them.
2. Mother cooked dinner. She served it.
3. The teacher taught the lesson. He asked us to do exercises.
4. Rajan saw a puppy in the street. He brought it home.
5. The boys were playing. They were making a noise.
6. The king gave him land. The queen gave him jewels.
7. He went to circus. His friends went to the cinema.
8. We will go to Delhi. They will go to Jaipur.
9. My father is in the drawing-room. I am in the study.
1. Raju wrote letters and posted them.
2. Mother cooked dinner and served it.
3. The teacher taught the lesson and asked us to do exercises.
4. Rajan saw a puppy in the street and brought it home.
5. The boys were playing and were making a noise.
6. The king gave him land and the queen gave him jewels.
7. He went to circus and his friends went to the cinema.
8. We will go to Delhi and they will go to Jaipur.
9. My father is in the drawing-room and I am in the study.

(Note : ‘and’ से जुड़ने वाले दो sentences से एक compound sentence बनता है। अगर दोनो sentences में एक ही कर्ता (doer) हो तो and के बाद Subject नहीं देना चाहिए, लेकिन दोनों sentences में भिन्न-भिन्न कर्ता (doers) हों तो and के बाद subject अवश्य दिया FIAT for 1 #5# and at Subject 7 TI N 6 9 and a Subject 37972 )

F. Activities

1, Make a list of poems in Hindi that deal with village life.
2. Write a short profile of a village you have visited/the village you belong to.
1. Do your self/Not useful from the point of examination.
2.                                                  A village you have visited
During last summer vacation, 1 got a chance to visit a village. I went with my friend, Ajay Singh to his native village. It is Babura in Bhojpur district. I found life in village, simple, pure and natural. There are large tracts at field open countryside, green fields on all sides, wealth of trees and open air and bright sunshine. There is no din and bustle there.

The village pond is a busy place. The village urchins (small boys) swim and bathe in it. The buffaloes wallow (roll about) in it. Asses are let loose to kick, bray and roil in the dust. The village shopkeeper sells somethings there.

I found life in a village is simple but hard. The village farmer does hard labour in his field. The village women are busy from morning till evening. They grind com, milk the cattle, chum (*H cook food, wash clothes. Their lot is most servicable indeed.

G. Translation

Translate the following into English:
1. इस फल को मत खाओ ।
2. धूप में मत खोलो |
3. बाजार शाम में जाओ |
4. प्रतिदिन व्ययाम करो |
5. नियमित रूप से अध्ययन करो।
6. धार्मिक पुस्तकों का अध्ययन करो।
7. कुछ समय छोटे भाई-बहनों के साथ बिताओ।
8. रोज अखबार पढ़ो।
9. रोज कुछ नए अंग्रेजी शब्द सीखो |
10. कमरे की खडकियाँ खोल दो ।
1. Do not eat this fruit.
2. Don’t play in the sun.
3. Go to market in evening.
4. Do exercise daily.
5. Study regularly.
6. Recite religious books.
7. Spend soinetime with youngsters.
8. Read a newspaper daily.
9. Leam some new English words daily.
10. Open the windows of the room.

Comprehensive Based Questions with Answers

Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow each.
1. God made the country, and man-made the town.
What wonder then that health and virtue, gifts
That can alone make sweet the bitter draught
That life holds out to all, should most abound
And least be threatened in the fields and groves?
Possess ye, therefore, ye, who borne about
In chariots and sedans, know no fatigue
But that of idleness, and taste no scenes.
Questions :
(i) Who wrote the above lines?
(ii) What does the poet think about country?
(iii) What is ‘ye’ in the sixth line here?
(iv) What is the essential idea given here?
Answers :
(i) The poet William Cowper wrote the above lines.
(ii) The poet thinks that God has made country.
(iii) ‘Ye’ here means ‘you’, who bear about.
(iv) God has made village so it is great. Here God is everywhere manifest in the harmony of nature and he felt deeply the kinship between nature and the soul of humankind.

2. But such as art contrives, possess ye still
Your element; there only can ye shine;
There only minds like yours can do no harm.
Our groves were planted to console at noon
The pensive wanderer in their shades. At eve
The moonbeam, sliding softly in between
The sleeping leaves, is all the light they wish,
Birds warbling all the music. We can spare
The splendour of your lamps; they but eclipse
Our softer satellite. Your songs confound
Our more harmonious notes: the thrush departs
Scar’d, and the’ offended nightingale is mute.
Questions :
(i) What do groves do?
(ii) How do birds sing?
(iii) What is about town’s songs?
(iv) What kind of a town it is?
Answer :
(i) Groves consoled the tired man at noon.
(ii) Birds sing all the music.
(iii) Town’s songs are confused.
(iv) It is a town of materialism.

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