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Panorama English Book Class 10 Solutions Poem 4 Thinner Than a Crescent

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Short Answer Type Questions
B. Answer the following questions briefly:

Thinner Than A Crescent Question Answer Bihar Board Class 10 Question 1.
Why is Radha crying?
Radha is crying to meet Lord Krishna.

Thinner Than A Crescent Bihar Board Class 10 Question 2.
What two feelings of Radha have been referrel to by her friend?
The two feeling of Radha as referred by her friend have been,
(i) she does not hear, whatever other people say to her
(ii) she only expresses her agony.

Thinner Than A Crescent Meaning In Hindi Bihar Board Class 10  Question 3.
To Whom does the friend make a report?
The friend makes the report to Lord Krishna (Madhav).

Thinner Meaning In Hindi Bihar Board Class 10 Question 4.
What did Radha’s friend believe in?
Radha’s friends believer that when the hopelessness. would be driven away joy may come again.

Question 5.
Why did Radha’s friends run to Lord Krishna?
Radha’s friend ran to Lord Krishna, to inform him that Radha was calling his name repeatedly and getting weak.

C.1. Long Answer Type Questions:

Question 1.
Describe Radha’s condition, as reported by her friend.
Radha’s friend became sad to see her falling health and pathetic mental condition. He realised that she had immense love and devotion for Lord Krishna and his separation was unbearable to her. She had a strong desire to have a glimpse of her Lord to ask him for such a harsh attitude towards her. As such, Radha’s friend went hurriedly to Lord Krishna and narrated all about her.

As reported by him, she was so much miserably spending her day and night. Her tears had turned into a river. She was hurt and confused sitting constantly there. She had almost lost her sense. She did not understand what other people say and even what to tell them. She did repeat continuously her Lord’s name.

Thus, such was Radha’s condition as reported by her friend.

Question 2.
Why is Radha’s friend so worried?
Radha is highly annoyed to see the negligence of Lord Krishna towards her. She has become physically and mentally sick. Seeing her such priecarious condition her friend becomes worried. Such unhappy situation is intolerable to him. He does not like to see her in such a miserable condition.

Being her true friend his anxiety is justified, which has made him restless. There is a proverb. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Naturally, Radha’s friend is so much worried over her misery.

Question 3.
“Radha each day grows thinner than the crescent in the sky”, comment on the use of imagery.
Vidyapati has compared Radha’s physical health with the curved shape of the moon. The poet is well known for using imagery in his poems.

In the present poem, he has nicely compared the health of Radha to the curved shape of the moon which gradually becomes shorter each day and finally is reduced to a thin curved line. It is a wonderful example of the use of imagery, in this stanza. “Imagery is the way of expression, using images or comparing something or some persons through images.”.

The poet’s idea behind it is to show the condition of Radha’s health. she has reduced to a Skelton. The depreciation in her health did not occur in a day. It took time to become so. Likewise, the full moon is not reduced to a thin curved line in one day. Every day it gets shorter and it takes about a fortnight to become so.

Thus, the poet has beautifully used imagery in this stanza of the poem.

C.3. Composition:

Question 1. Write a message to your mother to inform her that you are going to see Ranjan who has taken ill.


My dear mother,
I have not received any letter from you for more than a month. I am anxious to know your welfare. I am quite well here.

Ranjan is suffering from fever at Muzaffarpur. He had gone there about ten days back. I thought it proper to inform you about his illness. You need not worry for, I am going to see him today. I shall remain there till his recovery. I shall take him with me to Patna if required.

Convey my best regards to father and love to dear children. With regards.

Your loving son

Question 2.
Your friend is living in a state of anxiety and worry. Write, in a paragraph of 80-100 words on the pathetic condition of your friend.
Jyoti is my fast friend. He is not keeping up good health. He is much worried about his ill-health. He has formed an idea that he would not regain his lost health. Due to his bad health, he is not in a position to continue his regular studies. It has made him worried. He has almost lost hope of his being cured. I feel pity to see his condition and try to convince him of his recovery. from illness soon. But he does not believe me. I remain with him for some time every day. His family members are also highly confused and disturbed owing to his pathetic health. May God bless him with a sound health and peace of mind!

D. Word study:
D. 1. Dictionary use:

Question 1.
Correct the spelling of the following words:

Karv Banis Brudes
Seige Konfusd Thiner


Curve banish broods
Cease Confused Thinner

Question 2.
Write antonyms of the following words:
believe, thin, hope, friend, cease, confused.

believe disbelieve
thin thick
hope hopeless
friend enemy
cease continue
confused convinced

E. Grammar:

Question 1.
Fill up the blanks with suitable verbs given in the brackets:
(1) Each boy…………….. to school. (go/goes)
(2) Each teacher …………. got a room. (has/have)
(3) Each person …………. a car. (own/owns)
(4) Each child ……………. a problem. (has/have)
(5) Each labourer ………….. given a uniform. (was/were)
(6) Each painter ………….. given a prize. (has been have been)
(7) Each lesson in the book ……….. two pictures. (has/have)
(8) Each room in this hotel ……….a television set. (has/have)
(9) Each bench in the park ……….. full. (is/are)
(10) Each compartment ……………. Overcrowded: (was/we 🙂

  1. goes,
  2. has,
  3. owns,
  4. has,
  5. was,
  6. has been
  7. has,
  8. has,
  9. is,
  10. was

F. Activities:

1. Translate any song in your mother tongue into English.
2. Find out for yourself one more poem by Vidyapati and recite it in the class.
Students should do themselves.

Translate into English:

  1. मौं तुम्हों सुचना देने आया हूँ |
  2. मौं तुम्हों यह पुस्तक देने आया हूँ |
  3. मौं नास्ता कर चूका हूँ |
  4. मौं अपना काम समाप्त कर चूका हूँ |
  5. मौं यह पुस्तक पढ़ चूका हूँ |
  6. वह खोलने गया है |
  7. वह बाजार गया है |
  8. वह सिनमा गया है |


  1. I have come to inform you.
  2. I have come to give you this book.
  3. I have done my breakfast.
  4. I have finished my work.
  5. I have read this book.
  6. He has gone to play.
  7. He has gone to market.
  8. He has gone to the movies.

Comprehensive Based Questions with Answers

1. Her tears carved a river
And she broods on its bank
hurt and confused.
(i) Who is crying?
(ii) How is she hurt?
(iii) What does she brood?
(iv) Find the word which means: puzzled.
(v) Who wrote the above lines?
(i) Radha is crying.
(ii) Her lover Lord Krishna has gone away from her, so she is hurt by Separation.
(iii) She is brooding over her past days.
(iv) Confused.
(v) Vidyapati wrote these Lines.

हिन्दी भाषान्तर:
कवि विद्यापति राधा का कृष्ण के प्रति अनुराग तथा उनके वियोग से उत्पन्न राधा की असह्य पीड़ा का वर्णन करते हैं

  • उसके आँसुओं ने नदी का निर्माण कर दिया है अर्थात् नदी का रूप धारण कर लिया है।
  • तथा वह उसके तट पर बैठकर वेदनापूर्ण हृदय से लगातार सोचती रहती है।
  • आहत तथा किंकर्तव्य विमूढ़ होकर ।

2. You ask her one thing
She speaks of another
Her friends believe
That joy may come again
At times they banish hope
and cease to case.
(i) Name the poem and its poet.
(ii) How does Radha reply?
(iii) Is she in her true sense?
(iv) Find the word from the passage which means, expel.
Answers :
(i) The name of the poem is “Thinner Than A crescent’ and the poet is Vidyapai.
(ii) She does not reply in proper way. She relpies confusedly (Hkzfer gksdj)
(iii) No, she is not in her true sense. She seems insane because someone asks her some questions she replies in another way.
(iv) Banish.

हिन्दी अनुवाद:

  • यदि आप उससे एक बात पूछते हैं,
  • तो वह दूसरी बात के विषय में कहती है।
  • उसके मित्रों को विश्वास है ।
  • कि अपार हर्ष पुनः प्राप्त हो सकता है
  • अनेक बार वे आशा त्याग देते हैं अर्थात् निराश हो जाते हैं
  • तथा इस प्रकरण को बन्द कर देते हैं अर्थात् इस दिशा में सोचना बन्द कर देते हैं।

3. O Madhava,,
I have run to call you:
Radha each day grows thinner
Thinner than the crescent in the sky.
(i) Who is ‘Madhava’ here?
(ii) Why is Radha growing thinner and thinner each day?
(iii) Who has run to call to whom?
(iv) Find the word in the passage which means:
‘The curved shaped of the moon.
Answers :
(i) Madhava is Lord Krishna here.
(ii) Radha is in agony. She is aggrieved of Separation from Lord Krishna. She has left her eating , thus she is growing thinner and thinner everyday.
(iii) Radha’s anonymous friend has run to call Lord Krishna.
(iv) Crescent.

हिन्दी अनुवाद:

  • ऐ माधव (प्रभु कृष्ण)
  • मैं आपको संदेश देने के लिए तेज चाल में चलकर आया हूँ; . राधा प्रत्येक दिन
  • दुबली होती जाती है अर्थात् निरन्तर दुबली होती जाती है
  • आकाश के अर्द्ध चन्द्र से भी अधिक दुबली, अर्थात् घटते हुए चन्द्रमा (प्रतिपदा के चन्द्रमा) के आकार से भी अधिक दुबली।

कवि के कहने का आशय यह है कि राधा के हितैषी मित्र भगवान कृष्ण के पास आकर राधा की शारीरिक एवं मानसिक स्थिति का वर्णन करते हुए कहते हैं कि राधा उनकी याद में दिन प्रतिदिन दुबली होती जा रही है जिस प्रकार पूर्ण चन्द्र क्रमशः सिमटते हुए निरन्तर पतला होता जाता है ।

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