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Panorama English Reader Class 10 Solutions Chapter 1 January Night

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January Night Question Answer Bihar Board Question 1.
Suppose you are Munni, the landlord comes to your house and asks you to pay the rent. What will you do then?
I shall tell the landlord that as I have no money at the present time. it is not possible for me to pay him the rent. I shall request him to have pity on me and kindly give me some more time. I shall pay him the same after the harvest. I promise to stick to my words.

January Night Story Questions And Answers Bihar Board Question 2.
Animals also possess the ability to understand human feelings. Elaborate this statement keeping in view the role of Jabra in the story.
Animals also possess the ability to understand human feelings. In the story, Haiku has a pet dog named Jabra. He goes to guard his harvest in the field with his dog Jabra at the January night. It is biting cold. Haiku picks up Jabra and pats his head to get him fall asleep in his lap. Jabra thought himself to be in heaven. Suddenly Jabra picks up the noise of some animals grazing the harvest. Haiku’s special intimacy had produced a new alertness in Jabra. He sprang up and ran out of the shelter and began to bark at the nilgais which had entered the field. Haiku did not go to the field due to biting cold. Seeing the whole field flattened Jabra lay stretched out underneath the shelter as though he were dead. This incident shows that animals do have the ability to understand human feelings.

January Night Question Answers Bihar Board Question 3.
Haiku didn’t go to the field even when he knew that animals were devastating the crops. Had you been there what would you have done?
I would have rushed to the field to drive away the nilgais who were devastating the field and grazing the harvest. Haiku totally failed to guard his field and save the crops. How could I have allowed my labour to prove futile? How can a farmer prefer sleeping to protecting his crops is beyond my understanding and imagination.

January Night Bihar Board Question 4.
How many characters are there in the story? Whom do you like . most? Give reason for your choice.
There are three characters in the story, namely, Haiku-the farmer, Munni-Halku’s wife, and Jabra-Halku’s pet dog. Of the three characters, I like Munni most. She asks Haiku to tell the landlord that he would pay him the money after the harvest. She also advises Haiku to give up tenant farming which was killing him as whatever he earned went to pay up the arrears. So she asks him to finish with it. She asks him if they were born just to keep paying off debts. She is very dynamic and straight forward. So I like this character most.

January Night Chapter Pdf Bihar Board Question 5.
Give the main idea of the story.
The main idea of the story is that despite his hard labour Haiku fails to get rid of the debts that he has to pay off to the landlord. In doing so he fails even to buy a blanket to pass the biting cold of the January night. The severity of the cold caused by the gust of wind at night does not allow Haiku to go to his field to drive away the nilgais which were grazing his harvest and devastating his field.

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