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Panorama English Reader Class 10 Solutions Chapter 5 Sun and Moon

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Let’s discuss

Question 1.
Suppose you are Sun. There was a party at your house last night in which you were not allowed to attend. How did you feel? and how did you face such situation?
Yes, I am Sun. A party was held at my house last night. I was not allowed to participate in that party. I felt it much. My depth of feeling and subtlety is insight. I wielded with the gleaming blade of irony. I felt isolated and dejected.

Question 2.
Do you think the young children should also have right to attend the party especially designed for adults. Why not? Give reasons.
No, I do not think so. Young children should not have right to attend party especially designed for adults. Because young women and young men gather there to make merry. It is a fine assembly of gay people. Present hearts beat together happily to the accompaniment of music. Music and dance go together. Beautiful women look lovingly at men and the young men reciprocated. Such scenes should not be allowed to be watched by young children. School children are motivated. They will hamper their schooling and natural growth. They will have become a phenomenon and a potent force in making the children wayward and westernised.

Question 3.
A young boy is sometimes reprimanded when he interferes while the elders are talking. Have you ever faced such a situation? Write your views or feelings.
I do not interfere with any body when he is talking with another man. It is out of manner. I have never been reprimanded by anyone. But I feel if anyone is reprimanded he would feel dejected, disturbed and inhumane.

Question 4.
What message does Katherine Mansfield want to give to the readers? Explain.
The writer Katherine Mansfield gives a message to the young children that they should form a good character. Moral instruction starts very early in life. The parents are best equipped to impart them the moral education. They can not only preach but also by percept inculcate good values in the children whose tender minds get suitably molded by the environment at house. They should not allow them to see such ball dancers. They will spoil them.

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