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Bihar Board Class 10 English Short Writing

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1. You visited the world-famous Taj Mahal of Agra last year. Write short writing in not more than 80 words describing your visit.
A visit to a historical place is always educative. Last year I went to Agra. It has many buildings of historical interest. The most famous is the Taj Mahal. I was greatly impressed to see it. The white marble looks like silver. The four ‘Miliars’ add to its glory. The green lawns also add to its beauty. It looks like a dream, seeing it, in the moon-lit night. I can’t forget my visit, to the Taj Mahal.

2. You visited your city railway station one day to see your uncle off. Write short writing on this scene.
The scene at a railway platform is always enjoyable in our country. It presents a picture of mini India. Last fortnight I went to the city railway station to see my uncle off. The platform was overcrowded. Passengers of many states like Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Assam, etc, were there. There were many stalls on the platform. Coolies, in a red dress, were also there. Passengers were taking tea. They were wailing for tire train. Soon the train came. My uncle got a seat and the train started. I returned home.

3. Write short writing on ’An Ideal Teacher’ in about 80 words.
The ideal persons are rarely found in life. It is more so in the field of education. An ideal teacher is one who loves to leam and to teach. His mission in life is teaching. He sacrifices everything for education. He always offers his services to the society and the nation. He gives a lot to us, without taking anything in return. He has no interest in money or power. His only aim in life is to teach his students to be good persons. An ideal teacher is above worldly pleasures. He serves the people every time. I have great respect for my teacher.

4. If TV is viewed for a long time, it has bad effects. Write a short writing on this in not more than 80 words.
TV has become an essential part of every house. It is the cheapest source of entertainment. Children find it the most popular. But it has Dad effects also. Seeing it for long hours harms the eyesight. The students neglect their studies. Their studies suffer. Many programmes are not of good fasteClhe youth forget their own age-old culture. Tneyadopt wrong paths of life. Their lives are spoiled. So, it should be watched properly.

5. You visited a holy place last week. Write a short writing in not more than 80 words describing your visit.
Last week I went to a holy place. It is a place for all religions. It is a simple ‘saffladhi’ of an old saint. He lived in the city about eight hundred – years back and died here. People of all faiths and religions visit the samadhi every year on 14th January. They offer their prayers and chadars on the samadhi. I also offered my prayers’ I felt’ a strange kind of mental peace. I saw boys and girls, men and women praying before this great soul.

6. Visualised yourself ‘Wedding Ceremony’ you have seen recently and write a short writing in about 80 words. [2011(A)]
The wedding ceremony of my friend “Ritesh” held on 25th March, 2011. His friends and relatives attended the ceremony in good numbers. The function was celebrated at “Utsav Marriage Hall”, Kankerbagh, Patna, There was a grand musical programme and an orchestra party had arrived from Kolkata The venue was highly decorated with colourful light and flowers. Varieties of sweets, chats, cola and hot drinks, ice-cream, veg and non-veg dishes were served. Everybody had participated in the musical programme joyfully and danced collectively with pleasure. The newly wedded” couple also shared the colourful occasion. Marriage gifts with happy wishes were presented to the couple. It was a memorable wedding ceremony. ‘

7. Write a short paragraph in about 60 words, on ‘Advantages of Travelling ‘with the follow ing points :
Educative value—geographical and historical places-learn a lot-a source of joy-life is dull without travelling – enables us to become good citizens.
There are many advantages of travelling. It has a great educative value. We leam a lot of new things by visiting different places. It brings people of diufferent places closer, we also see geographical and historical places from which we leam a lot. It is a constant source of joy in the otherwise dull life of ours. So, life without travelling lacks interest and excitement. It widens our mental horizon. It enables us to become good citizens.

8. Write a short paragraph in about 60 words, on ‘The Qualities of My Principal’ covering me following points: Name-strict-punctual-cnforces discipline-teachers and students are punctual-learned-orator-improves the School.
Mrs. Ila Smha the Principal of my school. She is a strict authoritarian. She has an impressive personality. She is always punctual. Every day she comes to school at 9 o’clockl and enforces discipline and-punctuality among the teachers and students. She is a learned woman. Sne is a great orator. Her speeches are very impressive. Her constant efforts have made our school an ideal institution. She is a great source of inspiration to us. •

9. A night before the examination.
A night before the examination is a terrible night. The first paper of Board Examination was that of mathematics. Though prepared well, I had lost my confidence and hope. I became so upset that I almost decided to leave the examination that year. I continued my study till 2 In bed I was half- walking and half-sleeping. By 6 a.m. I got up and had a quick glance over my books. Though I was feeling nervous, I was hopeful of doing reasonably well.

10. Write a short paragraph in about 60 words, on ‘A Popular Student of Your School covering the following points or words in your paragraph Name-stands first-handsome and smart-love for teacher-captain of the cricket team behaviour towards classmate-other qualities.
Words classmate-brilliant-first-handsome-respect-captain- intelligent-truthfulness-polite-inspiration. Rohan is a popular student of my school. He is my classmate. He is a brilliant student. He always stands first in our class. He is handsome and smart. He has charming behaviour. He always shows respect to all the teachers of the school. He is the captain of the cricket team of our school. His intelligence, truthfulness, politeness and honesty have made him popular among all the students of our school. He is a source of inspiration to us.

11. Write a short paragraph in about 60 words, on ‘Advantages of Female Education covering die following points: Share the burden of men- serve the society-necessary for making our home happy-make them aware of their rights and duties.
Educated women can play an important part in the development of the country. They can share the burden of men in different walks of life. They can serve die society as teachers, doctors, lawyers, administrators and leaders. They can earn lots of money. Today it is difficult for the people of the middle class to run their family well. Female education is necessary for making our home happy and peaceful. Education makes women aware of their rights and duties.

12. Visualize yourself “A Trip to GolGhar” and write a short writting in about 80 words. [2013(A)]
Golghar is a magnificant structure of historied importance situated at some distance to the west of Gandhi Maidan in Patna. It was built during the British rule in India. It looks like a very big dome standing, visualizing sky-high look, (as if touching thehorizental sky). There are about 150 staircases to reach at the top of the Golghar. I along with my family members visited the beautiful site of Golghar on 26th January. We became excited to see the architecture of the picturesque view of the grand dome of Goldghar. We went to the top Everything on the parkand nearby surroundings were lopking very small. We became tired after getting down. Then we took’ice-cream and some other ltemssto refresh ourselves and returned back to home.

13. Write a short paragraph in about 60 words, on ‘The Importance of Independence Day covering the following points:
The 15 August-a historic day-sacrifices of our people-source, of inspiration-India-major power-proud’ to be Indians.
India became independent on the 15th August, 1947. So, Independence Day is celebrated every year on the 15th of August. It is a historic day. It reminds us of the sacrifices of our people for freedom of our country. It arouses patriotism in our hearts. It is a great source of inspiration to us. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India. Today India is a major power. We are proud to be Indians.

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