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Rainbow English Book Class 11 Solutions Poem 10 South Delhi Murder

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Bihar Board Class 11 English South Delhi Murder Textual Questions and Answers

A. Work in small groups and discuss these questions :

Question 1.
Why are old people compelled to live alone now-a-days ?
Old people are compelled to live alone now-a-days because their children like a nuclear family in which only husband, wife and their children have rooms. There is no room even for parents in their house.

Question 2.
Do old people feel safe to live in big cities ? Why or why not ?
A few of them feel safe in living in a big cities because they think that they may get easy medical add which is the foremost demand of the old age. They may have the facility of easy vehicle. They feel they are protected from the criminal elements. But a few wants to live in villages because they may have a good company which they cannot find in big city. They want to live in free atmosphere. They may walk in the green field and take bath in the water of river.

Question 3.
What would you do if you happen to be the first person to have come to know about the occurrence of any accident or crime ?
If I am the first person to know about the occurrence of any accident or crime, I will ring to the police station to inform about the occurrence.

B. 1. Answer the following questions briefly :

Question 1.
Who is ‘she’ referred to in the poem ?
‘She’ is an old lady living in the same apartment in South Delhi.

Question 2.
What did ‘she’ think for three days ?
For three days she thought that it was spilled red ink or nail polish.

Question 3.
Whom did ‘she’ call and why ?
She called police because it was a case of murder of the old couple in a flat.

Question 4.
What did ’she’ tell Mrs Guha ?
She told Mrs. Guha that the couple had a boy servant. He was very pleasant and smiling. It was the boy who had committed the murder with his companions.

Question 5.
Who lived with the old couple ?
A boy-servant named Shyam, a Bihari Chokra lived with the old couple.

B. 2. Answer the following questions briefly :

Question 1.
When was the murder committed ?
The murder was committed at the darkness of night.

Question 2.
Who was accused of committing the murder ?
Shyam, a Bihari chokkra was accused of the murder.

Question 3.
What were the weapons used for the murder ?
Club and knife were used as weapons for the murder.

Question 4.
Who made the inventory of missing items ?
The police with the help of a cousin of the murdered couple made the inventory of missing items.

Question 5.
Which items were found missing ?
Two T. V. sets, Radio, valuable Banarasi sari, valuable jewellery and cash were found missing.

Question 6.
Why did the killers not take away the laptop ?
The laptop was not looted. This was left behind either in panic or least in value for the robbers.

Question 7.
How was Shyam identified by the police ?
A Lady in the appartment told the police that a lovely boy servant whose name was Shyam was living in the flat with the old couple. Shyam opened the door to enter the robbers.

Question 8.
How and when Shyam was nabbed ?
Shyam had been filmed holding loaded trays in the party and his address was noted. Shyam was nabbed in his village with fifty rupees cash and a sari for his mother.

C. Long Answer type Questions :

Question 1.
‘low could ‘she’ make out that the murder was committed ?
She at first mistook the marks of blood for spilled red ink or nail polish. A swarm of flies suggested the mark of some blood wounds closed up behind the door of the flat. Then it was found that a murder had been taken place there.

Question 2.
What was her opinion about Shyam ? Which words or phrases suggest this ? Does her opinion change after the murder of the old couple ?
She told Mrs. Guha that the murdered couple had a lovely boy servant. He was smiling and very sweet. ’So sweet Shyam1 were the words and phrases used for Shyam.

Her opinion about Shyam was changed after the murder of the old couple. She was sure that Shyam, with the help of some robbers, had committed the murder.

Question 3.
Whom did the police suspect to have committed the crime ? How did they come to the conclusion ?
The police was informed that an old coupl lived in a flat with one boy servant. The police came and broke open the door and located the crime. The murder was committed at night, Shyam the boy servant, must has opened the door of the flat to make the robbers enter the room.

Question 4.
How did the police investigate the murder ? Was it a proper investigation ?
The boy servant in question had been filmed, holding loaded trays in party and his address was noted. Hence, it was easy to trace out Shyam. He was arrested in his village with fifty rupees and a saree that was stolen.

To my mind it was a proper investigation.

Question 5.
How does the poem bring out the predicament of the old people living alone in big cities ?
The old people who live alone in big cities have no one to look after them. Their children live far away from them, even in foreign lands. They depend entirely on a servant. Even their other relatives visit them rarely. If they happen to be rich, they are more unsafe. Even when they die or are killed, nobody knows about it. Their death or murder is detected by neighbours after a few days. The police seldom checks if they are safe. Nobody cares for then.

Question 6.
Narrate the poem in your own words.
An old couple lived in South Delhi. They lived alone because their sons lived in the United States. However, they were wealthy. They had some inherited jewellery and presents sent to them by their sons. They had a servant. His name was Shyam. He was a sweet boy and he belonged to a small village in Bihar. He served the old couple. One day he went home to see his parentr. He bought a sari for his mother.

When the boy was gone, some criminals broke into the old couple’s house. They murdered them mercilessly. They made away with whatever valuable they could find. The murder was detected by a neighbour after three days. She rang up the police. The police believed that all such murders were committed by Nepali or Bihari servants. So they immediately concluded that Shyam had committed the murder. They could get his photo and address. They caught him in his village. But soon they found out that they were wrong. Shyam had no hand in the crime. The poor boy had only fifty rupees and a sari he had bought for his mother.

Question 7.
The moment the police officer comes out of the room he asks, “Nepali boy, no ? Bihari Chhokra’ (lines 16-17). What light does it throw on his attitude ?
This incident shows that the police officer had preconceived notion that the murders were committed either by Nepali or Bihari servants. That is why, without any investigation he comes to this conclusion.

C. 2. Discuss the following in groups or pairs :

Question a.
Should the old parents be left alone ?
Everybody will agree that old parents should not be left alone because in old age they are weak and defenceless. But in modem society, their children cannot always live with them. They have to go to other cities, or even foreign countries for employment. So if the old parents have to live alone, proper arrangements for their security should be made.

Question b.
Law and order should be the priority of the government.
The government, especially in a democratic country, is meant for the welfare of the people. Unless there is peace and security, there can be no progress. People cannot go about their work unless they feel secure. Women, children, senior citizens, poor and defenceless people are the weakest sections of society. Their protection is the first responsibility of the government. The police should be there to help them. The police should be efficient, fair and helpful to the common man.

C. 3. Composition :

Ex. 1. Despite the fact that people from Bihar have excelled in all fields, a negative attitude towards Bihar and Biharis seems to prevail in several other parts of the country. What could be the possible reasons ? Write an article in about 200 words to be published in your school magazine, suggesting ways to overcome such negative attitude towards Bihar and Biharis.
Most people in other parts of the country know Bihar through television and newspapers. As we all know, a good news is seldom reported but every bad news make headlines in newspapers. There are a few politicians in Bihar who are facing criminal Charges. They have the notoriety of having committed murders and rapes. Everything concerning them is published. But there are good politicians who are contributing to the development of the country and the state. But, people come to know very little about their contribution.

Several news items about people’s taking the law into their own hands have also appeared now and then.

Millions of Biharis have left their homes to find employment in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Gujrat and Mumbai. Many of them are working in responsible positions. But people there don’t look upon them as Biharis. For them Biharis are those with whom they come in contact in everyday life. They are poor people who are working as rickshawpullers, factory hands, maids, hawkers and household servants. Most of them are earning their livelihood by honest means. People there never think about them because they create no problems for them. But now and there Bihari servant kills an employer, or robs someone. Then it becomes the talk of the town. Since Biharis have been involved in several such cases, they have brought a bad to Bihar. The result is that Biharis are not trusted. They arc looked upon as thieves and murderers.

Development of the state is the answer to this Problem. Bihar has been backward for over 150 years. People don’t find work at home. So they go to other parts of the country to earn a living. If they can find work in their own state, they would not leave Bihar. Unless they (Biharis) are educated and get an opportunity to find work here, they will never command the respect due to them. The government should tackle the law and order problems in the state so that no bad news is reported in papers.

D. Word Study :

D. 1. Dictionary Use:

Ex. 1. Correct the spelling of the following word:
Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Poem 10 South Delhi Murder 1
Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Poem 10 South Delhi Murder 2

Ex. 2. Look up a dictionary and write two meanings of each of the following words-the one in which it is used in the lesson and the other which is more common:
head – (i) part of body that has eyes, nose, mouth brain etc.
(ii) chief

present – (i) at recent time
(ii) gift

lock – (i) device to close door that opens with key
(ii) hair of the head

polish – (i) substance to make something smooth
(ii) refinement

gasp – (i) struggle for breath
(ii) utter in breathless way

D. 2. Word-Formation :

Ex. 1. Find from the lesson words the meanings of which have been given on the left hand side. The last part of each word is given on the left hand side. The last part of each word is given on the right band side.

  1. moved along a surface …………… ept
  2. companion or helper …………… lies
  3. through surgical method …………… cally
  4. received as hair …………… rited
  5. sharp barking …………… ping


  1. sweept
  2. accomplices
  3. surgically
  4. inherited
  5. yapping.

Ex. 2. Fill in the blanks with suitable word from the list given below: ignore laptop cousin guilt edge

(a) The …………. of the accused man was in doubt.
(b) He had knife with a sharp ………….
(c) She is a distant …………. of mine.
(d) He completely …………. his teacher’s suggestions.
(e) ……….. is an easily portable computer.
(a) guilt
(b) ecfge
(c) cousin
(d) ignored
(e) laptop.

D. 4. Phrases :

Ex. 1. Use the following phrases in Sentences of your own making their meanings clear:
take for turn up turn out come out know of bottle up tell of

  • take for – I took this book for my friend.
  • turn up – Only sixty candidates have turned up in the interview.
  • turn out – Please turn out page no. 66.
  • come out – The result has come out.
  • know of – It is difficult to know of the result before it is published.
  • bottle up – Bottle up your anger.
  • tell of – He told of a criminal’s story yesterday.

E. Grammar :

Ex. 1. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions:

  1. He has been working here ………… three years.
  2. They fell ………… love.
  3. We met him ………… station.
  4. The criminals were nabbed the ………… police.
  5. Gulu has been living here ……….. February.


  1. for
  2. in
  3. at
  4. by
  5. since.

F. Activity Registers :

Ex. Choose from the options given on the right side, to field to which the words listed on the left side are related to:


  1. wounds, banage, gauzed, clinical, hospital, incision, scalpels, morphia, surgically.
  2. accomplice, inventory, clue, murder, knives, clubbed, stabbed, nabbed, officers.
  3. nail, polish, earrings, saries, jewellery.
  4. computers, radio, sets, film, television sets, laptop option. Agriculture, painting, Singing ,Crime, Worship, Library, Fishing, Cricket, Cookery,
  5. Court, Woman fashion Electronics, Agriculture, Library, Film


  1. None
  2. Crime
  3. Woman fashion
  4. Electronics.

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