Critical Appreciation of The Poem The Daffodils

Question 1.
Show your appreciation of The Daffodils.
A flower necessarily captures our attention by its colour, symmetry and fragrance. And when there is a cluster of flowers we are bound to be overwhelmed by an indescribable feeling of ecsatasy. Wordsworth shares such a marvelous moment with us.

As was his habit he was wandering alone somewhere in Lake District when he came by a rare sight — thousands of daffodils dancing under the impact of breeze by the side of a pond. Daffodils are ordinary small yellow flowers; but their being in such abundance and in such a festive mood made a deep impression on Wordsworth’s consciousness.

The memory of these daffodils became a means of restoring the poet’s cheerfulness and energy. The poem is an exploration of the meaning of Nature. It has a bounty to offer to careful eyes and mind; things are not so apart and separate as they seem, they are integral to our consciousness and being.

Bihar Board Class 12th English Important Questions