Critical Appreciation of The Poem The Lake Isle of Innisfree

Question 1.
Write a critical appreciation of Lake Isle Of funisfrcc,
A very pleasing characteristic of Yeats’s poetry is the expression of spiritual urges in an utterly simple form. Known in the beginning for his poems on love and passion that had a personal backgroud, he turned to various kinds of spiritual practices out of which he wrote deeply moving poems.

Lake Isle Of Innisfree is a popular Lyric in which he gives expression of his desire to move to Innisfree, an island near Ireland, entirely free from worldly distractions. It has such beautiful surroundings that help mind stay away from worldly thoughts. In fact, Nature is not an external source of spiritual happiness. It is part of a cosmic order that induces mind to control pleasures of senses and turn to such ideas and thoughts that sustain purity and selflessness.

Yeats draws up a very evocative picture of Innisfree. It is a place where ‘ bees are humming, where peace comes in drops and where there is gentle light even at midnight. All these details are extraordinary and are supposed to create a picture of beauty marked with spiritual grace. Although Yeats uses slightly long lines he has retained simplicity of diction. It is all in consonance with the lofty theme.

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