Show your acquaintance with the Poem Adlestrop

Question 1.
Show your acquaintance with the poem Adlestrop.
There are tourist destinations all over the world that are known for their scenic beauty. But even a remote place, rather our own locality, may have spots of great beauty. The poet notices such a spot when his train stopped at Adlestrop and he saw a cluster of English flowers and experienced a moment of sheer enjoyment. The poem, in a way, reminds us of The Daffodils of Wordsworth. Adlestrop, though not so famous, is loaded with the same meaning.

The poem’s progress is very natural. In course of his journey in June by an express train the poet alights on the platform of Adlestrop. He is the only one to do so. He takes look at the place and is rewarded by a sight of willows, herbs, as tretch of grassland. He could also hear the cry of haycocks. When he looked upwards he could see white clouds, the sky taking a white hue on account of them.

The poem is fusion of realistic detail and aesthetic taste. Everything is ordinary, but the stopping of the train is perhaps to give him a moment of a life time experience such as Wordsworth and Robert Frost had.

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